Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sleep and Wattle Worries

Have I mentioned how sweet the chicks are when they sleep? They cuddle up in a clump and make the sweetest little chirping snoring sounds. They wake up when the sun comes up and go to sleep when the sun goes down. I hardly ever go out to see them when it's dark, but on the few times I have, each time I think I should write about how sweet they are. Of course, children are pretty sweet when they sleep as well. Children can be the most rambunctious little brats all day long and then when they go to bed they become the sweetest, most lovable little angels. Not that the chickens are ever brats ....


I shouldn't ever look up anything on the internet. I searched to find out at what age the chicks are supposed to develop their combs and wattles. Poppy's and Jackie's combs and wattles are quite developed compared to the others, which makes me think that they are older than Birdie, Honey and Bee. Well, I couldn't find anything that gave any type of growth chart. What I did find was a forum where someone thought she had a pullet (female chick), but the way it was growing, she wondered if indeed she had a rooster (I don't know the term for a young rooster). Turns out that the forum decided that, yes, she did have a rooster. Now I'm all worried that one of the girls is going to turn out to be a boy. I'm apparently very susceptible to worrisome suggestions.


I'm hoping to have a coop update tomorrow. Hopefully, Kevin will be able to come over to work on the coop tomorrow. I bought some chicken wire (sort of) at a yard sale today. I'm thinking we can use it for the windows and the door since they are only partial rolls.

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