Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Visitor

We had a visitor today when Kevin and I were holding the chicks. (It reminds me a bit of holding premie babies). We were sitting in my awful plastic chairs (they were a gift ... and they don't fit in the trash cans and the City doesn't pick up anything that's not in the can), and we heard a kind of thump and we both kind of saw something move out of the corner of our eyes. We didn't see anything right away, but we heard some chirping and then we saw it--a baby blue jay. Apparently, the baby jay got away from his mom and heard the chicks chirping and came to find his mom or some food maybe .... He was so cute--huge beak and feet but tiny wings. The chicks didn't seem to mind the jay at all but he didn't stay long. He hopped-flew out to the front yard where his mother found him. I'd like to know where his nest is. I'm enjoying watching baby birds grow.

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