Monday, May 11, 2009

A Bit of Personality

I came home for lunch today and was so surprised how big the chicks are getting. They seem to be growing so much everyday. I didn't spend very much time with them yesterday--we went to the beach, so maybe they did grow significantly since Saturday.

They love scratching around in the wood chip bedding that Kevin sometimes puts in the pen. (I'm not crazy about the wood chips. They get in the waterer, clogging it up, and I feel bad about the woody water.) If one of them finds something she thinks is good, all five of the will run up to try to get it. They do act as a group pretty much but they do have seperate personalities. The big red one (my son Andrew has named her Flapjack, but I'm not so sure about that) is the leader. She's the bravest and most aggressive. If I'm not careful, she sometimes tries to fly to the top of the pen.

The big white one is the next is charge it seems. She's also the most motherly. The little black one (technically, she's my niece Kaley's chicken, but I'm keeping her for her. Kaley's named her Birdie--Kaley's three, by the way) is the most shy and reclusive, and the white one (Andrew named her Popcorn. Again, we'll see about the name) goes out of her way to keep an eye on her and to keep her company.

The twins I've named Honey and Bee. They seem to be content with each other, although, truthly, the pen isn't that big so they really have to all interact together. Still, I think Honey and Bee are the prettiest--a light golden color with darker flecks, but maybe I'm partial because they are the only ones that I've been "allowed" to name myself.

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