Monday, May 18, 2009

Finally, a New Feeder

My friend Fred, who lives in Tennessee, posted some pictures on his Facebook page today--pictures of his daughter's new chicks! I have to say that I noticed several things about the photos besides his pretty daughter. First, was the number of chicks--she must have about a dozen! Second, she has a long metal feeder that can feed several chicks at once and, most importantly, can't be tipped over. I'd been using a bowl, which was silly of me. Jackie and Poppy, especially, loved using their feet to tip the bowl, spilling the food out. It drove me crazy to see them spill food. Once I saw Fred's pictures, I decided enough was enough. I drove up to a feed store and got a feeder. It's not like Fred's, but it does seem to work. Jackie, Poppy and Birdie all took their turns standing on the feeder and no tipping!

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  1. Look like the feeder is just the ticket