Saturday, May 23, 2009

Loose Chick

Andrew graduated from 8th grade this week, and with everything going on, I haven't had much time to spend with the chicks. They're getting so big! I sat and held them today, and even though they squawk like they don't want to be held. I think they are getting so that they don't mind it. When I was holding Jackie today, she suddenly flew out of my arms. I guess I wasn't paying attention. I think we were both pretty surprised. I would swear, however, that when she was out running around, she was trying to get back in the pen with the other chicks. Isn't that funny? Especially since she is the main one who will try to fly out of the pen if she thinks she has a chance.

Another funny thing about Jackie, but one that isn't surprising: I was sitting by the pen wiggling my finger (ooh, it's a worm!) at Honey, and she started squawking. Jackie runs over to see what's the matter and takes a peck at my finger. So like her to be the one in charge.

You can see from the pictures that they all came over to where I was to have their pictures taken.

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