Saturday, May 16, 2009

Introducing Jackie and Poppy

We've renamed, sort of, Flapjack and Popcorn to Jackie and Poppy--true to the Andrew names, but more to my liking. And speaking of Jackie and Poppy, I think they are starting to develop their combs and wattles. You can see how mature Poppy is looking. The chicks are four weeks old now and growing up fast.

I think they're starting to like being held. Birdie was practically asleep this morning as I held her. They're still skittish when I go to pick one up, but they seem to be getting used to us. They peck at buttons and zippers when we stand near the pen. Maybe they don't associate those things with us, but, still, they seem more okay with being around us.

I have to admit to putting off cleaning out the pen today. They spill so much food that there is so much on the floor. I hate having to throw it away. I'll clean it out tomorrow for sure.

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