Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Touch Therapy

I talked to my friend Pat who lives in Molino i.e. the country today. She's had chickens in the past and gave me some advice. First, when I build my chicken coop, I need to make sure that I use chicken wire on the floor to make sure predators can't tunnel into the coop. Second, she said that the more I hold the chicks and talk to them the more tame they'll be. I guess I knew both of these things, but I have to be honest. I hadn't taken them out of the pen since I got them. Kevin took out Birdie for Kaley on Saturday, but I hadn't handled them since we put them in the pen. So, when I got home from work today, I took each one out and held her for a few minutes. I know I said in my last post how big they are getting. Well, it's an illusion. They're all feathers. They're really quite tiny and fragile still.

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