Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Still Holding

Today was day of two of the holding-the-chicks program. It went fine except for a few things. The chicks' pen has a lid that opens up top (I know, that's why it's called a lid). It's hard for me to hold the lid and get a chick out, so I prop it up with a piece of wood. Well, once it's propped up, it's hard to close it and then reprop it to put the chick back in. I was holding Honey and keeping an eye on the pen, when not only Flapjack (I have to think of a better name) but Birdie flew to the top of the pen. Neither one got past the pen's edge, but I'll have to figure out how to do get the chicks in and out better and without leaving the top open.

While I was holding Birdie, I had the wood stuck between the top and the pen, but not propping up the top, and Flapjack was so curious about the small gap. She so wanted to find a way up and out. These chicks, Flapjack especially, are so like teenagers. They're so convinced that they know better than their parents and could take care of themselves if only given a chance. Little do they know ....

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  1. So that j-bird wanted in on the free room & board