Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Chores

So far this has been my Saturday:

Clean the bathroom sink and toilet. Read a chapter in my book (Elizabeth and her German Garden--a wonderful book from 1900 that I'm enjoying so much).

Do some laundry. Chat with Kevin on the phone.

Clean the bathtub. Eat lunch.

Take the old, wet phone books from the porch (so embarrassing) to the recycle trolley. Take a nap.

Vacuum. Go check on the chicks.

So when I checked on the chicks, I discovered that Honey had a feather in her beak that she was trying to swallow. This is at least the third feather I've seen her try to eat. She was banging the pointy end on the floor of the pen to help it go down her throat, but I guess it was too long. I opened the lid of the pen so that I could pick her up and remove the feather from her mouth, but I had put a long stick in the pen to see if the chicks would perch on it (Jackie did for a little while, but I haven't seen too much interest in it) and I couldn't get to her (have I mentioned that the chicks are in my "garage" right now and that the pen is surrounded by bikes and the lawn mower and other assorted things?). Finally after banging my hip against the stick repeatedly, I did get her and I did pull the very long, very wet feather out. She didn't put up any fight and didn't seem to care about her lost treat at all. Really, I can't believe she would find feathers of interest, but I guess any new thing ...?

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