Saturday, June 27, 2009


I hate to admit, but I'm pretty bad about changing the cardboard that we have on the bottom of the pen. I'm not sure how long this one had been in there, but it was getting pretty awful. Part of the problem is that I never remember to bring cardboard home. To make do instead, I finished a feedbag and decided to use that as the floor. It fits so-so, but it's clean. We'll see how long it lasts. Anyway, it's near impossible to change the cardboard when the chicks are in there. They take up too much room and change really unsettles them, so I took them out and let them peck around in the "garage" until I was done. I think they really liked that. They pecked and chirped quietly until I started putting them back in the pen and then only when Birdie didn't get back in right away did they seem to get upset. I put Honey, Jackie and Poppy in with no problem. Bee ran around a bit, but she wasn't really that much of a problem either. That Birdie, though. She ran around me in circles. On one hand, she really wanted to be with the rest of the flock, and on the other, she did not want to be picked up. All is settled now that they're together again in their snug pen. I think they'll enjoy being in the coop, but I may need to get a chicken net for Birdie if I let them out in the backyard.

Bee trying to get a worm that utimately Poppy and Jackie stole from her and didn't eat.

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