Friday, November 13, 2009

A Five Egg Day

Yesterday I got 5 eggs! Of course, I'm not completely happy because I have six chicks so I should have 6 eggs, but 5 is getting there. I'm not sure who the layers are. Birdie and Bee are my solids, and Myrtle, she's pretty dependable as well. Rosemary had been taking a break since her brooding. (She's not brooding anymore, but she hasn't been laying eggs either.) Honey and Ethel hadn't been laying, but they're both showing signs that they should be ready. Ethel is getting all waddle and comb-y, and she's been investigating the coop, but Honey getting waddle and comb-y as well, plus her twin Bee has been laying for months now. Anyway, it appears that all but one is laying. I'll find out who the layers are soon, I hope.

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