Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Red Letter Day

Today is a red letter day for me. The chicks layed four perfect eggs! I've never had so many in one day before. Two of the big chicks layed today and two of the little chicks as well. I'm pretty sure Birdie and Bee are my big chick layers, and I think Rosemary and Ethel, the twins, are my little chick layers. I could be wrong and it's Myrtle, not Ethel, laying, but I'm almost 100% sure Rosemary is laying. All the eggs are brown, except for Rosemary's, which are the pretty green-grey. Of course, when they all start laying I'll be ectastic.

We've been letting the little chicks visit in the big pen, and I think there is some slight improvement, but the big chicks are still pecking a bit on the little ones. Friday night /Saturday is the big move. I don't like maintaining two areas, and the little ones need access to the nesting boxes. Kevin made a makeshift nesting box for the little ones, but they should be in the coop with the others.

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