Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Nice Surprise

Rembember how I said that I couldn't believe the new chicks were 6 months old? Well, Rosemary, at least, could very well be because guess what I found this afternoon? An Egg! I'd been in the hammock and had heard some familiar egg-laying sounds, but when I went to check if any of the big chicks had layed anything, there was nothing. Imagine my surprise when I looked over at the pen and found an egg in the little chicks' feed dish. I guess that was the best she could do for a nesting box under the circumstances. Yesterday, when we were out with the chicks, we noticed how anxious Rosie was acting, and we thought she might be looking for a place to lay an egg, but since she didn't, I didn't think about it anymore. It's nice to know that our original instincts were correct.

At first, I thought it was a white egg, because it definitely wasn't brown, but upon closer inspection, it looks more gray-green. It's about the size of Birdie's eggs, which is surprising considering how much bigger Birdie is than the new girls. I'll be glad when we can have all the chicks together. It will make everything much easier for them and me.

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