Saturday, September 19, 2009

The New Chicks

I got three new chicks last night. I'd been checking Craigslist and corresponding with a man in Alabama when we found a guy in "Gulf Breeze" (really Midway) who had chicks for sale, so Kevin and I went out to look at them last night. The "farm" was quite eclectic. We saw many chickens and turkeys plus I saw a piglet and Kevin saw some rabbits. I ended up getting three chicks. The man said they were 6 months old, but they are much smaller and less wattley than my three. The new three are very pretty and have feathers on their feet. I think they are cochins, which if I had researched a bit more I may have rethought. They are supposed to be very friendly and motherly, but not necessarily good layers. We'll see.

We brought them home in a cat carrier and let them sleep in it in the coop. This morning I let them out and sat with them for a while. Pecking orders are very real things, and Bee is the peckiest. She is the most aggressive with the new chicks, but the little white one, Myrtle, stood her ground pretty well. The other two, Rosemary (gold) and Ethyl (black), are a bit more cowed. Kevin put in a couple more higher perches and they like being up high. Other than being a bit far from the food and water, I like them being up high. My three can get used to the new girls, but not be so intimidated.

I'll be checking on them frequently throughout the day.

Rosemary and Ethel


Addendum: I put the new chicks in the old pen, and it is next to the coop. The new chicks were fine, but the old chicks weren't sharing the food and water very well. Now they can see each other, but they each have their own foods and waters. I'll probably let them be seperated for a while to get used to each other.

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