Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Trip Outside

We let the chicks out of the pen tonight. At first, we just let the big ones and Myrtle out. Kevin was afraid the little ones would try to fly around, but Rosemary and Ethel wanted to be with the other chicks, so I let them out as well. The little ones didn't even try to fly. In fact, they were all pretty much together the entire time and pretty much right in front of the coop the entire time, as well.

When it started getting dark, we wondered how the chicks would do. Would we have to round them up or would they go into the coop by themselves? They were so busy and happy to be pecking around in the grass. Well, Honey went into the pen first and squawked so everyone would follow her. Nobody paid her much attention. A little later Rosemary went in. Honey came back and squawked some more and went back in. Ethel went in, and then a few moments later, Myrtle followed. Birdie went in, made a noise, and then Bee went in last.

Kevin closed the door and that was that--easy-peasy. They did so well I'm thinking more outings will be in their futures.

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