Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eggs and Excitement, Slight

I'm averaging four eggs a day now, which, of course, makes me happy. Here are three eggs I just got from the same nesting box. We have four boxes, but apparently the favorite is the one closest to the hen door. You can see the difference in size and color of the eggs. I know that Birdie, Bee, Rosemary and Myrtle (yes, Myrtle) are laying for sure. I'm not sure about Honey and Ethel. I've never seen them in the nesting boxes, but someone lays a greenish-grey egg that I see occasionally.

It's raining here (yeah!) so when I went to look for eggs a few minutes ago, I took a red umbrella with me. You should have seen the chicks all run under the coop. They weren't scared of it like they were of the dogs, but they were a bit concerned. They're so funny sometimes.

I'm not sure if they're getting along any better, but I'm convinced that me or Kevin back there makes them more pecky toward each other. Speaking of me and Kevin back there, I had to do some work back behind the coop on Saturday and they all lined up under the coop to watch me. Kevin raked out the pen and then was disposing of the waste just outside the enclosure and they were all crowded in a corner to get a good look at what he was doing. I guess any little change of scenery is fascinating for them.

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