Sunday, August 23, 2009

Coop Day Two or Day One, Depending How You Are Counting

I got up early (okay, early-ish) to open the hen door so the chicks could go out into the pen. They seemed perfectly content to be in the coop and didn't come out during the ten minutes or so I sat out there with them. The morning was beautiful and cool--about 66 degrees, which was too cool for me just getting out of bed. When I checked on them around 8:00, they had figured out how to use the door and ramp (I guess).

I sat with them for a while and Birdie would go into the coop and sit in a nesting box. Every so often, she'd come out and make such a ruckus. She did this at least two or three times. I'd go check the coop and find nothing. I kept looking to see if it had rolled somewhere or was buried in wood chips.

Finally, I came in and made blueberry muffins. As I was mixing the batter, I heard the cackling again, but this time I decided to wait until I was done before running out there. My patience did pay off. She had, indeed, layed another small, brown egg, but not in a nesting box. It was laying in some wood chips by the hen door.

Today's egg in situ.

Today's egg is the top lighter brown one. Yesterday's is the darker one, and the white one is a store-bought jumbo egg.

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