Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July Chicken Coop Update

Happy Fourth of July! Kevin and I spent the day working on the chicken coop and we're getting close-ish to being done. The pictures don't do the coop justice. The main thing is that it's not cock-eyed. That's just me apparently. The other thing is that it's cuter than it looks in the picture. I was having a hard time shooting around construction materials, so the coop isn't being photographed at its best.

Anyway, the large opening will be a door for me to clean the coop and to get eggs. The smaller opening will be a chicken door. The chickens will have a ramp that they can go up and down into and out of the chicken coop. Oh, and yes the background to the coop has changed again. My neighbor put up the rest of the fence yesterday, so the entire backyard is fenced, and all but about 15- 20 is privacy fence. Mostly the chicks will be in the coop and run, but I may let them out when I'm back there with them. There are too many predators, e.g. cats, hawks, etc., to let them out when I'm not there.

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